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Missions at Work

Receiving new shoes and treatment Diseases such as malaria, typhoid, ulcers, upper respiratory, ring worms and skin diseases are some of the tropical diseases natural to the environment in Africa. Our team travels to remote areas and treats these diseases. Currently medical camps are conducted at least 10 months of the year. In one of our past medical camps, approximately 840 people were treated in 2 days. There was one boy who had swelling of the face and he kept passing out. After our medical team treated him, the very next day he was up and running. God is so good! A baby was brought in that was very, very sick and convulsing. Our team treated and stabilized her. Within 2 days the baby had recovered. What we are seeing is that so many people are having an encounter with God at these medical camps. We never cease to be amazed at God's grace and mercy! People are coming back to the churches where we are doing these medical outreaches and investigating who is this Jesus, and many are coming to Christ. We are treating the people the best we can, but Jesus is healing. If you see what we see, there would be no doubt!

One of our primary outreaches is treating jigger infestation. This disease is so prominent where fleas burrow deep into the skin, particularly feet due to walking barefoot. The infected sites are painful with swelling and disfigurement. The team, alongside volunteers, work all day removing the nodules and then giving them shoes to wear to prevent further infestation. Receiving new shoes and treatmentThese nodules left unattended can result in blood poisoning, gangrene, other diseases and even amputation or death.1

HOCI works in tandem with other organizations to rescue women and children from sex trafficking. We rescued 10 South Sudanese girls over two years ago. We continue to provide financial support for them to attend and live at a local school in Kenya as well as personally follow their progress.

In Nairobi, Reah is the owner/director of an orphanage with over 55 children. We help at times with school supplies, food, clothing and medical.

HOCI supports a clinic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) through the local church and a pastor in Tanzania. We hope to provide medical outreach in Tanzania soon.

Prayer and Support

Receiving new shoes and treatmentHOCI believes that God will continue to grow this ministry, taking us to new levels! It is indeed humbling to see what God can do with a handful of people working hand-in-hand with other organizations and churches.

  1. Please pray with us for continued wisdom and spiritual understanding in implementing the vision God has given us.

  2. Pray for God's hedge of protection, both physically and spiritually. Our teams experience many battles.

  3. To expedite our medical camps, we would like to purchase a second vehicle so we can use one to haul supplies and equipment and one to transport all of the team at one time.

  4. Our goal is to ramp up to two full-time, medical teams to expand our outreach to more remote areas.

Additional pictures are available. Due to graphic images, viewer discretion is advised. CLICK HERE