Join Us

Have you ever had the thought, “There has to be more to life than this” apart from your everyday life?

We are looking for born-again Christians that are hungry for a new challenge, have a heart for missions, embody an adventurous spirit, and have willing hands and feet to do God’s Kingdom work.

Join us and you will see God show up and show out!

We offer a few ways you can be involved to help
love and care for the remote people of Africa

Boots-on-the-ground volunteer

Are you a born-again Christian that wants firsthand exposure of what HOCI does and an eye-opening experience that will change your worldview and perspective? You do not have to be a trained professional, but a heart and passion for people and a desire to share the gospel is required! Skills that are helpful when available include construction, welders, and childcare. Whatever your age, physical capabilities, and background, you will make a difference here.

Please note this will not be a “vacation” mission trip. You will learn and experience the ways of the African people– you will eat, sleep, and live as they do. Africans always report how the HOCI team is so nice, and a great part of that is from gladly and humbly accepting whatever they offer to give.

Whether you have a few days, weeks, or months available that you’d like to contribute your time, we have a place and purpose for you!

Healthcare team member

Are you a born-again Christian and healthcare professional that wants to apply your expertise in a new and exciting way? We invite you to travel with and work alongside our local African doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacy techs, and lab techs to provide relief, hope, and healing to the African people.

As described for volunteers above, you will eat, sleep, and live as the African natives do. We would be blessed to benefit from your healthcare training for however long you offer your availability!

Invite Mark to speak at your church or organization

HOCI President and Co-Founder Mark DeFrates would love to visit with you and your church or organization. You will be blessed and touched by Mark’s stories and passion for what the HOCI team witnesses regularly on their journeys, and his message to bring ourselves back to the core of what’s important in our world and the Kingdom of God.

Church or organization sponsorship

A special one-time or recurring financial gift from your church or organization would allow for larger projects to be afforded and accomplished. Examples include:

1. Keeping a larger variety of medical supplies in stock

2. Additional trucks that can cart many items and people while withstanding the rough African terrain

3. Construction supplies to build Life Centers that the African people can use for church, school, and community gatherings, while also serving as a hub for medical facilities, communications, and outreach for our HOCI medical teams. These are unique buildings where people can come together, meet God in a way they’ve never experienced before, and have physical needs met at the same time.


Your one-time or recurring financial gift would be a blessing to help cover regular expenses including:

1. Medical supplies such as pharmaceuticals, mosquito nets, and clean water

2. Truck fuel and maintenance costs

3. Water filtration systems

4. Orphan and elderly care

5. School fees and supplies for children

6. Clothes, shoes, and Bibles

7. Salaries for our 3 full-time employees and 10 part-time team members that join us on trips