What We Do

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

HOCI is dedicated to compassionate healthcare services in East Africa through humanitarian assistance and educational programs. Additionally, we assist vulnerable children and the elderly through rescue and restoration. We find that through being the hands and feet of Jesus, we have the supreme opportunity of presenting the gospel and winning souls over to the Lord and grow the local church.

Medical Camps & Supplies

HOCI works with local Africans and abroad volunteer healthcare workers to conduct medical camps at least 10 months of the year serving upwards of 450 people per day– bringing in supplies, clean water, pharmaceuticals, clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Common diseases that are seen and addressed include malaria, jigger infestation, typhoid, ulcers, upper respiratory issues, ring worms, and skin diseases– all tropical diseases natural to the environment in Africa.

Orphan Support & Supplies

HOCI sponsors a small children’s home for orphaned young girls and boys who have been rescued from rough situations, and provides their education, food, clothing, medical care, and supplies so they can thrive in a safe environment.

Water Filtration Systems

In some of these remote areas, people only have access to drinking water through contaminated streams, resulting in illness of the body. With HOCI’s installed water filtration systems, they can bring the water back and filter it to have clean drinking water.

Building the Local Church

HOCI offers the outreach services listed above alongside the local church, and as an effect brings them respect by the community and creates interest to attend services and events. People are coming back to the churches to investigate who Jesus is, and many are coming to Christ.

Another way HOCI builds the church is constructing Life Center buildings made with sheet metal that operate as a multi-purpose space for the people to gather for church services, school, and visit as a community. As a result, people are moving to these areas!

These churches also need pastors to take care of the people, so HOCI is helping mentor and pay their pastoral salaries.